New report: Polish e-commerce 2020

Polish e-commerce 2020: Let last year’s insights guide your e-commerce efforts this year

It’s all here! An all-inclusive report about e-commerce trends in Poland

This first Polish edition of the online shopping report gives you an insider’s grasp of the value of the Polish online shopping market, where consumers are shopping, why consumers abandon their shopping carts and the payment methods most favoured by Polish consumers. Covering the period June - December 2020, you will get an insightful analysis of the effects of the pandemic on shopping habits and the payment trends linked directly to the pandemic. Read how e-commerce is developing dynamically in Poland, business is moving online and the demand for online shopping grows.

Here’s what we cover:
  • The growing value of Poland’s online shopping market
  • The dominance of physical goods in Poland’s online sales
  • The effects of the coronavirus on shopping habits
  • Why shopping carts are abandoned and what to do about it
  • Why foreign shopping platforms are gaining popularity
  • Why a smartphone shopping option is a must-have today