New report: Finnish e-commerce 2020

Get an insider’s grasp of the trends in Finnish e-commerce in 2020

Get the authoritative source on the e-commerce trends in Finland

The media has painted a picture of massive growth in online shopping in Finland during the 2020 pandemic year. A more detailed analysis shows, however, that the total value of Finnish online shopping actually decreased slightly in 2020. This report examines the continued growth and normalisation of online purchases and the digital leap forward in the purchase of traditional goods. It provides expert insight into why every business owner should offer consumers a seamless, uninterrupted customer experience and how payment options are crucial to success.

Here’s what it covers:
  • What the future holds for e-commerce in the wake of Covid
  • Shopping for physical goods online takes a great leap forward
  • The radical changes within the 2020 online shopping markets
  • How online shopping is part of everyday Finnish life
  • Drivers of consumer online shopping behaviours
  • How young Finnish consumers are already carbon offsetting